Threat Detection and Response

It seems like every week another major corporation announces a large-scale security breach. It’s a concern that is requiring an increasing amount of time and it’s not a problem that is limited to Fortune 500 companies.

In the past, cyber attackers typically targeted a single large organization with hopes of landing one significate payout. Today, hackers are more strategic. They distribute their efforts, targeting a number of smaller firms in order to yield multiple smaller payouts and its a system that is working! so what do you do about it? Easy. You take the fight to them!



For a second, imagine you’re a hacker looking to cash-in on a poorly protected business. You know the finance department reads any invoice they receive, so you email the accountants a malicious spreadsheet. Like clockwork, an employee opens the phony document, clicks “Enable Macros”, and you’re in! This company is now your oyster as long as you maintain access.

This scenario plays out every day and most IT Departments are well aware of the threat. However, many aren’t familiar with the techniques hacker’s use to create persistent footholds within these networks. That’s where Huntress steps in. We collect and analyze metadata about every application scheduled to automatically execute when a computer boots up or a user logs in. As soon as the hacker establishes their access, we’re there to kick them out.

Traditional enterprise security products focus on keeping hackers out. But what happens when someone breaks through? In today’s ever-changing threat landscape, security experts are encouraging organizations to assume that a compromise has already taken place. that’s where Huntress comes in. Developed by ex-NSA hackers, our Managed Detection and Response service augments your existing security stack by proactively seeking out potential footholds and persistence methods.

The process is simple. First, our lightweight endpoint agent will gather data and submit it to our cloud for analysis. From there, our highly skilled team and algorithms will review the data to identify any potential threats. If a breach is detected we will remediate the threat.



Operated by Operators
Our threat operations team is comprised of former penetration testers and reverse engineers with over a decade of advanced forensic security experience.

Plays Well With Others
Our active threat hunting system works seamlessly with your current AntiVirus solutions.

We Do The Heavy Lifting
Our algorithms and experts actively hunt for hackers, identifying and reporting their footholds and persistence methods.